Thomas Middelhoff Launches Middelhoff Consulting Services to Help Businesses Grow

With more than 40 years of experience, Thomas Middelhoff has successfully supported the growth and development of countless companies and organizations. Through his company, Middelhoff Consulting, he continues to provide exceptional services and a wide range of resources to support the growth of businesses in all sectors. With a focus on M&A and Strategy Consulting, he has paved the way for new opportunities for organizations. 

About Thomas Middlehoff

Middlehoff has a long history of success with several large organizations. His experience includes the support and management of numerous companies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He has held roles in management and Board Member. Over his career, he has helped support over 120 M&A transactions, including as a part of the Board of Directors that was behind the AOL-Time Warner merger, considered one of the largest mergers in history. Additionally, he has led the acquisition of Random House to create the largest book publishing company in the world.

During his time at Bertelmann AG, the company took on numerous challenges and achieved a significant amount of improved financial health, growing the company’s revenue by 8.3 billion euros during his time. He also helped the company to increase its total assets from 7 billion Euro to 22 Billion Euro. Shareholder equity grew sixfold. While he worked as the Chairman of the Executive Board at the company, it was listed as the world’s most admired media company by Fortune 100 list. 

Comprehensive Services of Middelhoff Consulting

Thomas Middelhoff continues to lead and support the growth of new companies and support transition periods for others. He does this through Middelhoff Consulting, a large and growing organization that offers a wide range of services, including the following.

Strategy Consulting

The core service offered by Middelhoff Consulting is strategy consulting, which involves providing company assessment, strategic potential analysis, as well as differentiated analysis of a company’s competition. This service aims to provide companies with a comprehensive look at the company’s market and competitors while helping organizations to create strategic plans for financial growth. 

The company’s services focus on helping the organization to make better decisions, informed by data and experience, to ensure there is success across the whole investment cycle. 

M&A Advisory

Another component of the work Thomas Middelhoff and Middelhoff Consulting offers is M&A Advisory services. With such a strong history in this area, Middelhoff is uniquely skilled and experienced in aiding companies in mergers and acquisitions in a wide range of industries, including both in the U.S. and in Asia. He offers sell-side as well as buy-side services. Over his experience, he has also helped numerous organizations with joint venture opportunities and mergers. Whether the sale of the whole company or just components of it, no decision is made without the comprehensive evaluation and the development of a data-focused strategy to ensure the long-term success of all involved.

Among the services offered are aiding in finding the right investment banks, devising plans for strategy and timing, and working to build out and structure decisions to improve overall results. He also offers negotiation and closing of transactions.


Not only does Thomas Middelhoff support companies with hands-on support and guidance, but he also provides executive coaching for individuals and teams. This type of coaching is designed to support clients as they work to gain leadership skills and improve performance in the industry. As the business world continues to change, it has become increasingly important for organizations to have access to highly skilled and forward thinking leaders. 

To provide coaching services, Middelhoof works to identify the strengths and opportunities, creates measurable goals, and then works to create long-term outcomes through targeted actions. 


Thomas Middelhoff works closely with companies looking to expand their knowledge and skills through corporate-level workshops. These workshops focus on the importance of using technology and data to make decisions and how to employ digital technology to achieve goals. They may also focus on workflow automation, boosting profitability, and reducing risks to productivity.

With the support of Middelhoff Consulting, organizations are better prepared to take on the ever-changing and more complex nature of business today. These services stem from a long history of success around the globe.

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