How to Choose Padel Rackets UK

Padel Rackets UK

Paddle rockets explained. We try to take the mystery out of choosing the best padel rackets Uk for you.

A new obsession

With all new obsessions, there is a time of pure and utter joy in finding something new and existing in the moment. Everything is bright and new, and the paddle is no different. You admire the glass walls, you are disappointed by the grill and you like that the controls are under the arm. Read the thread and watch endless videos of world-class players hitting the ball, first out of bounds and then throwing it back from the front row of spectators, what a game.

The only problem with any new sport is finding the gear and the technical jargon you have to learn to get the right gear.

Things to consider

When choosing a racket that can cost up to £300 to be your playing partner for the next 12-18 months, it’s good to have a guide. The following is a very simple but useful starting point.

By the way, why do I mention 12-18 months? Padel Rackets UK take a lot of hits from the ball during each match, and due to the properties of the cores, they will all break eventually. Of course, it depends on how often you play, but like running shoes, they will eventually lose the flexibility of the foam core. Unlike other rockets, they have no strings to pull. The components you choose and your playing style determine the durability of the racquet.


Everyone has a different budget. We at Padel Rackets UK are aware of this and have made sure that we have a range of quality rackets in the price range. This is your biggest decision on which racket to buy and the right one.

The biggest issue in determining price is construction, with new technologies and materials costing more. However, don’t let that stop you from making an informed decision. Here we explain what it all means so you can choose the factors that give you the most bang for your buck.


If you’ve ever played a racquet sport, you probably have a balanced perspective. This is the pivot point of the racket and describes which tip will fall if you place a pivot in the middle of the racket. A tall shaft means it’s heavy on the head and the top of the racquet sinks to the ground. A small pin means the handle will fall off and a medium pin means it will stay flat.

Balance is a personal preference, but the weight of the head can be tiring for weaker hands like children. This will cause the racquet to drop, making the delivery of the ball slower and requiring more effort. This is truly a golden rule when choosing a racket.
The forms

The shape of the Padel Rackets UK is very important to understand. Clear facial features determine power and control, the two main points of the game.

The main forms are:

To spin

A round face means an extended sweet spot that provides a better connection with the ball. It is often said to be a beginner racquet but to be honest a good round racquet will be great for most players, even some pros prefer a round head racquet.

It provides excellent control and if the core is right and the balance is right for you, you can produce more than enough power.

A Tear

Sometimes called a rounded drop, these racquets offer a smaller sweet spot and are designed to increase power and target the midrange market. This is the most popular form of racket, even among beginners, because they want something to grow with it. It will be harder for you to go wrong, so consider the core and frame/face composition when buying.


Generally considered a racquet for experienced/powerful players. The sweet spot will be higher in the racket head and much smaller than a round racket. For this, it is necessary to constantly establish good contact. If you buy one of these, you probably won’t need this guide.

Circles and cores


They are available in carbon, fiberglass, and sometimes Kevlar.

Carbon is hard, stiff, and more expensive.

Fiberglass is lightweight and is used on many entry-level racquets.

The Kevlar is of the highest quality and will be used professionally. We currently do not have Kevlar missiles. For more information Please visit Singlet Basic for Women

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