How to Listen to Kentucky Sports Radio on Your iOS Device

To listen to Kentucky Sports Radio on your iOS device, you can download its free app, which provides notifications and podcasts. The app also features stories from the KSR website. Designed for iOS devices, the KSR app is ad-free and optimized for all devices. Here are some tips to download the app and make it as useful as possible. In addition, it offers ad-free streaming. To get the most out of KSR, you should install the app on your device.

Matt Jones

A former pol who once considered a run against Mitch McConnell for the U.S. Senate, Matt Jones has recently turned to the politics of sports to get his message across. He has emceed political debates and, most recently, has been nominated to moderate the 2015 Fancy Farm Picnic, one of the biggest political events in Kentucky. Although he may be controversial, his message is rooted in the common good and his passion for Kentucky sports.

The Republican Party of Kentucky has filed a complaint against Matt Jones and his show on Kentucky Sports Radio. They claim that Jones failed to disclose illegal campaign contributions and failed to report them correctly. The complaint says Jones failed to properly disclose contributions to his exploratory committee. He has also filed paperwork to form an exploratory committee, and has raised $9,700 so far. While the allegations against Jones have yet to be verified, they do suggest a pattern of unethical behavior that may lead to legal trouble for him.

While the Kentucky Sports Radio Summer Tour stops in Hopkinsville this week, the show’s final hour will be broadcast live at the Sportsplex. The show’s broadcast will begin around 9 a.m. The latecomers may have to wait until the first commercial break to listen to the show. The show will be broadcast live on WHOP (95.3 FM) and 1230 AM on weekdays. In order to avoid interruptions, the broadcast team is open to fans’ calls.

After graduating from Duke University School of Law, Matt Jones has been focusing his efforts on his passion, Kentucky sports. In 2009, Jones sought the assistance of a friend for help with the content of his KSR website. Franklin, who had started a sports website, was a recent UK graduate. Franklin helped Jones land a radio show on WKJK. He hopes to get his own radio show. And he has a big plan.

In addition to hosting Kentucky Sports Radio, Jones is the host of “Hey Kentucky!” on WLEX-TV. This talk show is broadcast to 38 radio stations across Kentucky. He is also a frequent guest on WLEX-TV. So, what can be better than being a radio host? Find out in this interview. The Kentucky Sports Radio website has everything you need to know about UK athletics. So, listen up, and get connected to your UK team’s culture and history.

After the RPK filed a complaint against Jones, the FEC made a formal request to the stations to cut Jones’s time on KSR. However, RPK has denied that McConnell was involved. It was also noted that the Kentucky senator’s office declined to comment on the matter. The FEC analysis, which was released on Wednesday, found that the allegations against Jones were not true. The FEC has no evidence that Jones violated federal regulations.

80% of Kentucky football roster is through the roster

Whether you are a college football fan or not, you have probably heard of Kentucky’s football team and the players on it. Even though Kentucky is the overwhelming favorite in the Big East, it is important to keep in mind that over 80% of its football roster is obtained through sports radio. Listening to these shows can help you make your decision on who to choose for your team. Whether it is a tight end or a fullback, sports radio can provide you with vital information that will be essential in making the right choice.

Scott Satterfield’s experience at Louisville has been great for fans of Kentucky football

It was easy to see why Satterfield was such a popular pick to be the new head coach of the Louisville Cardinals. The Cardinals went from being dead last in 2020 to ranking 110th out of 130 teams in 2021. Despite a great reputation, Louisville’s offensive production has been a mixed bag. The Cardinals have lost nine of their past ten games despite outgaining their opponents, and they were ranked 108th out of 130 teams in 2020.

The first year of Satterfield’s tenure at Louisville, the Cardinals posted a 5-12 record. However, the Cardinals have gone 47-11 since the middle of 2014. That’s better than the combined records of Jimbo Fisher, Chris Petersen and Brian Kelly. Often, coaches are labeled as “soft” or “hard” based on the style of coaching they use. In the case of Satterfield, those terms are both accurate. But Satterfield is also adamant that communication is the key to developing a team’s culture.

In the midst of this transition, Satterfield and the Cardinals have become more competitive. Last season, the Cardinals’ loss to Kentucky was the Cardinals’ worst loss in program history, and Satterfield has learned the value of the rivalry since his first year. In fact, Kentucky football fans are excited to see the Cardinals return to the NCAA this season. The Cardinals can’t wait to see what Satterfield has to offer.

Satterfield has made a great impression on Louisville’s fans. His football teams have won 90 percent of their all-time TV appearances and made their first-ever appearance in a major bowl game. Additionally, the team’s average attendance has been more than 1,000 over capacity. If Satterfield is able to continue this trend, fans of Kentucky football can expect another great season.

Despite his struggles, Satterfield’s tenure at Louisville has been excellent for Kentucky football. The Cardinals’ rushing offense was a strength, and Satterfield is a great player. The Wildcats rolled up over 500 rushing yards Saturday. If Kentucky had not beaten the Cardinals, fans will always be able to make that happen. There will be more upsets.

After the 2010 season, the program will welcome back several key players, such as quarterbacks Mike Tysler and David Welker. The quarterbacks’ rotation will be a key factor for Kentucky’s future. Fans will be excited to see Satterfield take over. However, fans should be careful not to get overly excited. This coach has an excellent reputation for producing winning teams.

The first season for the Cardinals has been better than anticipated, but they’ve been struggling for several seasons. Louisville was last in the Power 5 last year and went 4-7 in 2019. The Cardinals also lost the first two games against Kentucky and Ole Miss. They lost their last game against the Air Force in the First Responder Bowl. The Cardinals are now 4-7 under Scott Satterfield.

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