Top 8 Amazing Griffith Park Hiking Trails

Griffith Park is located on the eastern edge of the Santa Monica Mountains and covers more than 4,200 acres. Undoubtedly, this is one of America’s biggest parks and a Griffith Park Hiking Trails is one of the best. Griffith Park is only 5 miles from downtown Los Angeles and protects the Hollywood Hills area between Interstate 5 and Interstate 101.

Burbank Peak Trail– Griffith Park Hiking Trails

Burbank Peak is a mountain park at the end of the ridge west of Corning Peak. The highest point in Griffith. There are many reasons why tourists reach the summit of Burbank, and those include the 9/11 flag and views of Hollywood and San Fernando Valley. Burbank Peak offers the opportunity to climb Cowan Peak and the top of Lee Mountain behind the Hollywood Sign.

This Griffith park hiking trails is a commercial trail that climbs 570 feet in half a mile. There are no parking spaces along the way, so you will also need to take Wonder View Drive.

Hollywood Reservoir Hiking Trail

Hollywood Reservoir is surrounded by a paved service road, allowing pedestrians, runners, and cyclists to exercise on the lakefront and enjoy the beauty of Hollywood. The upper part of this Griffith park hiking trail is famous for its big white letters representing Hollywood.

On this 3.5-mile hiking trail, you’ll have many views of the famous Hollywood landmark (approximately 15 m above sea level) around the Hollywood Reservoir. Unfortunately, except for Mulholland Dam, most of the view of the reservoir is separated from the water by a mesh fence. It provides a clear, classic lake view towards the Hollywood sign.

Bronson’s Cave– Griffith Park Hiking Trails

Bronson’s Cave is one of the most popular locations in Hollywood. The most famous character of Bronson Cave appeared in the 1960s when he played the entrance to the Bat Cave in the Batman TV series. A short walk on this Griffith park hiking trail allows you to see the Bronson Cave in real life as easily as on a screen.

Griffith Observatory- Hollywood Landmark Trail

The round-trip hike from Griffith Observatory to Lishan Hollywood Sign takes 14.3 miles (4.4 miles one way). The starting point of this Griffith park hiking trail and the top of the mountain are 575 feet above sea level. But because this route passes through the middle mountain. The hike includes two ascents of 425 feet and 525 feet.

The trail from the Griffith Observatory will take you to the Hollywood Hills above the observatory. The summit of the Hollywood Hills is easy to climb, and the walking distance is only 0.4 miles. For shorter hikes, hikers can circle the Hollywood Hills and start the hike at the bottom of Hollywood Hills Boulevard.

Ferndell Trail

This short Griffith Park Hiking Trails is an unusual trail in Los Angeles that stretches along a creek and tropical plants grow under the shade of plane trees. Even though the rest of Griffith Park dries out and turns brown. As a result of receiving water from the Griffith Observatory Ferndell also retains a lush green appearance.

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Glendale Peak– Griffith Park Hiking Trails

Hollywood and Lee Mountain may attract most tourists who cross the summit of Griffith Park. But Glendale Peak itself is a good destination, with views of downtown Los Angeles and San Gabriel. The beautiful mountains of Bo Valley and San Gabriel World are visible on this Griffith Park hiking trail.

This 1,190-foot mountain rises at the end of the ridge on the southeast side of Griffith Park, sloping down from Mount Hollywood. Stand on Glendale Peak from Commonwealth Canyon Drive or Vermont Canyon Road and hike 2.55 feet. Up to 405 feet of altitude gain (lower for the longest hike).

Amir’s Garden

Amir’s Garden is more than just a garden; it is one of two unique and spectacular picnic spots on the east side of Griffith Park Hiking Trails. The best picnic spot on this Griffith park hiking trail is probably the old zoo picnic spot, where you can dine next to the old animal enclosure.

Amir Garden is the best picnic spot. With the support of volunteers, picnics, and hikes, a selection of picnic tables is surrounded by lush greenery. The 1-mile loop hike to Amir’s Garden requires a climb of 275 feet, enough for you to eat quietly hungry.

Bee Rock Trail

From the top of the cliff, you can enjoy beautiful views of the park and the city in the distance. The viewing platform at the top of Bee Rock is surrounded by high chain-link fences, protecting visitors from steep cliffs on all sides, and combining panoramic views.

The shortest route to the top of the mountain is 525 feet, less than a mile. The Bill Eckert Trail provides a gentler climb. It can be combined to form a 2.6-mile loop with an altitude increase of 600 feet. This Griffith park hiking trail can also be extended to include two miles of hiking trails around the Old Griffith Park Zoo. This trail is an interesting addition to the 4-mile hike to Bee Rock.

Griffith Park is a popular leisure center for city dwellers and tourists, where everyone can find something suitable for them. There are miles of hiking trails in the park, so choose a Griffith park hiking trail from this article for an unforgettable adventure. Don’t forget to find discount codes on which can help you save more money for your travel trips.

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