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Walking shoes shouldn’t have to be in boot form to be effective. Walking boots provide a variety of advantages. But in some circumstances, a walking shoe, or track shoe (where the cut is below the ankle), is a superior alternative for the hike you’re planning.

Consider the length of your journey and the terrain you’ll be traversing.

The biggest advantage of hiking in boots over shoes is that they provide more stability. If you’re going over severely uneven terrain or have weak ankles, boots may be the best option. Boots are also a preferable choice if you’re hiking in thick snow or bush, or in bogs, mud, sand, or scree,. If you want to keep your weight clean, dry, and free of any stray debris.

Running boots or hiking shoes have the advantage of being lower weight than boots. A pair of walking shoes weighs roughly 750g. Whereas a pair of boots weighs around 1200g. Carrying very little on your feet can make a significant difference. Over vast distances, resulting in less effort and more energy saved.

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What Are the Different Walking Shoe Styles?

When it comes to different types of walking shoes, there are waterproof lattice, sturdy and durable shoes. That are effectively hiking boots without the ankle. And then there are what would be precisely classified as a trail running shoe at the opposite end of the range.

Danner Trail 2650

These new trail shoes by Danner, located in the United States, are lightweight, comfortable, and stylish in our opinion. The Pacific Crest Trail is 2650 miles long. Thus, these are good for long distance walkers. The three layers of different densities in the sole, featuring EVA foam and a replaceable ortholite insole, provide plenty of padding underfoot.

The EXO Heel System, as Danner calls it, also provides considerable support at the rear of the heel. This also helps to keep your heel in place and prevents it from moving around.

The excellent suede leather and the Rubber outsole featuring multi-directional studs for a bit of grip on sandy or rainy trails are also highlights.

Adedas Terrex Free Hiker

The Free Hiker is undoubtedly one of Adidas Terrex’s most important products this season; a hiking boot with their signature running technology – Boost. Boost is a foam-based midsole that provides a lot of cushioning and a bouncy feel while walking. It provides an astounding degree of comfort on the trails, which you’ll appreciate after a few miles.

A European rubber sole with 5 mm lugs is also underfoot, and it wouldn’t look odd on a trail running shoe. These lugs are what provide excellent trail traction. The lightness of the Free Hiker – 382g – is another similarity to a trail shoe, which you’ll appreciate once you start clocking those kilometres.

CimAlp 864 Drop Control

The 864 Drop Control shoe is a forward-thinking, advanced trail running device that focuses on enhancing performance and mitigating potential. The 864 Drop Control comes with three sets of insoles (8 mm, 6 mm, and 4 mm) to help you improve your technique and run with a much more natural stride. It may appear geeky, but if you’re serious about trail racing, you’ll appreciate what this adds to the equation. This will also be excellent for ultra-light hikers and rapid trekkers, thanks to its durable upper and protective and robust chassis.

The concept allows runners to gradually lower their heel height (also known as the drop) and land in the middle of their foot. Landing on the midfoot enhances natural damping and fosters a more economical, natural stride, potentially reducing the incidence of stress injuries in the long run. CimAlp helps runners improve their stride in stages by giving three soles with varied drop levels. Because significant, dramatic changes in foot strike might increase the burden on diverse, unprepared tissues and perhaps lead to injury, it’s vital to do this in phases.

Arc’teryx Norvan SL GTX

These are some super-light sneakers, as the SL in their name indicates. They’re particularly for climbers who wish to run between climbs or on their ascent to a wall rather than walk. They even include a small loop on the back, so you can connect them to your harness.

While these are built primarily for running, as are most of the other shoes on this page. They will also fit hikers, especially those who are careful about reducing their gram-count wherever feasible.

The Norvan SL features Vibram’s revolutionary Litebase technology, which is one of the most intriguing aspects of the shoe. When compared to regular Vibram soles, this results in a 40-50 percent reduction in rubber thickness, resulting in a 25-30 percent reduction in overall shoe weight, with no difference in lug depth or thickness.

Salewa Mountain Trainer 

The Salewa Mountain Trainer Lite is a descendant of the now-classic Salewa Mountain Trainer, which is known for its lightweight, yet rigid platform that climbers can utilize on the crag’s often rough and tricky approaches. The Mountain Trainer Lite, on the other hand, is even lighter and more streamlined.

A Pomoca rubber outsole with plenty of deep lugs in a range of sizes peppers the sole unit. Providing reassuring and enduring traction. A sticky rubber toe box wraps across the front of the shoe. Providing additional protection when your feet get stuck in crevices or are knocked off jagged rocks.

The entire shoe is covered in a tough synthetic fabric upper with a Gore-Tex Enhanced Comfort. Inside that provides excellent water resistance without sacrificing breathability.

Inov-8 Trailroc G280

This is a trail, mountain, and fell running shoe designed for harsh, rocky terrain. The outsole is made of super-durable graphene and has 4 mm chevron-shaped lugs for traction. A full-length lightweight shank runs through the midsole. Providing a bit of rock for energy return and blocking out any sharp or harsh objects underfoot. The upper is strong, resilient, and structured, yet it’s not too stiff or tight to make the Trailroc feel heavy. It’s primarily mesh, with a protective toe bumper and plenty of PU lamination.

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